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6th Grade Science Syllabus


Ms. Corbin:


Ms. Javois:



Course Objective: SWBAT

  • Create models based on understanding of Science materials.

  • Analyze, record and explain data collected.

  • Categorize living organisms and their ecosystems

  • Explain ways to conserve energy

  • Use a variation of tools for measuring, weighing, converting and calculating.


Students are expected to enter the classroom complying with teachers’ norms. Students are expected to complete Do Nows, group work, independent work and exit tickets. Engaging in related classroom conversations is a must. Last but not least, students should have required materials for all Science class times.


Grading Policy

The grading breakdown is as follows:

  • Tests/Examinations: 30%

  • Classwork: 30%

  • Quarterly Projects: 15%

  • Quizzes: 15%

  • Do Now & Exit Tickets: 5%

  • Homework: 5%


Classroom rules and procedures

  • One Mic

  • Raise your hands to ask or answer questions

  • Show respect for one another and teachers.

  • Dates and Objectives should always be written in your notebooks

  • No eating or drinking in the classroom except for water.

  • Please hold on to your garbage until the end of the period or a designated time


Noise Level

Every lesson and every activity requires a different level of volume. They are as follows:

0 = Silence

1 = Whispering to a neighbor

2 = Conversation with your group

3 = Addressing the entire class


Bathroom Breaks

No one is allowed to leave the classroom during the first 10 and last 10 minutes of class unless there is an extreme emergency or medical reason. Before leaving the room students should:

  • Make a fist, index finger over thumb.

  • Get a bathroom pass from a teacher

  • Scan themselves out.

  • Students should scan back in upon arrival.


Water Breaks

Same rules applies except instead of using an index finger or a fist, students should put up three fingers that represents the letter W.


Entering the Classroom

Depending on the day, students should enter the room at a level 0 or 1.

  • Students should take your assigned seats

  • Students should have out all necessary materials pertaining to Science and start working on their Do Now.


Exiting the classroom

  • Students should make sure they have all of their materials

  • Students should take any garbage with them, throwing it in the trash on the way out.

  • Students stand when given the signal exit the classroom at a level 0 or

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